Elevate Your Mindfulness Journey with the Ultimate Mind Journal & Planner

The ideal solution for anyone looking to take their Notion game to the next level!

To-Do List

Prioritize and track To-Do List with this simple and easy to use Task Manager

Daily Habit Tracking

Set and track your personal habits and routines for self-improvement

Resource library

A place where you can organize your articles, videos, and other online resources to help you manage important information

Positive Affirmations

Set your affirmations and declarations to help you achieve the person that you want to be

Daily Journals

Encourages daily reflection and self-awareness through personalized journal templates

Personal Goals

Set your personal goals and create an actions list to help you break down your big goals into smaller actionable tasks


Ultimate Mind Journal PRO


Notion Template

What's Included:

  • Mind Journal PRO
  • Additional Features
    • Task Manager
    • Journals Calendar
    • Visual Habit Tracker
  • Colourful Icons
  • Simple & Easy to Use Template
  • Lifetime Access to Updates

Ultimate Mind Journal


Notion Template

What's Included:

  • Simple Mind Journal
  • Limited Features
  • Simple & Easy to Use Template
  • Lifetime Access to Updates

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